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starting with the specifications

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I have start to thinking about the game specifications.

I allready choose C++\DirectX graphics for my developing.
I do struggle to choose a 3d Modeler/World map formats.

I have read about world maps and found tons of diffrent formats available. I cant find anything that fit exactly to my needs.
I am thinking about writing my own World map editor+format for my first part of the game which is the up view shooter. I dont think it will be very complex. I may export object from other programs but the field will be made by my own editor. I still need to investigate this subject.

for 3d models it seems much more generic and I can choose many diffrent formats and applications to use that will fit my needs.

I will need to create some test-maps before getting an artists,I dont have a clue how to designing maps :) so I am now in the fun part of learning somthing new :)
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