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Gearing up for 3H-GDC m.VI

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Okay, we aren't going to have the automated submission system this time. I still haven't had time to do anything with it, and my webspace doesn't support any languages that I like (PHP is a toy that has long outgrown its bounderies).

I might make things a wee bit different this time. We've talked a lot about the base code issue. Some people think it's a great idea, some people don't like it. Here is a thought that I want to bounce off you folks to see if you like it or not:

The official contest runs for a week. The first 165 hours of the week are for developing a game framework. The theme of the contest will not be announced. The theme will only be announced before the last 3 hours of the week.

Any takers?
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IMO having the rest of the week dedicated to coding a framework takes away from the spirit of the 3 hour element of the contest.

Honestly I think that basecode in any form takes away from the spirit of the contest, period. I haven't competed in any, but I enjoy watching people create with such a tight deadline and see what they are able to come up with.

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It depends a bit on what you want the competition to focus on. If I had a week to develop a framework, I'd probably build something with a game in mind and then shoehorn whatever the topic was to my idea. However I think spending most of the 3 hours working on gameplay rather than base code would be more interesting.

Maybe you could recommend something already out there that doesn't need a lot of base code to make a game, like PyGame (haven't used it myself, but I'm assuming it's really easy to use).

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