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Weight Lifting Frequency?

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2 months ago I decided to finally restart my "don't be fat anymore" plan. I came up with a (seemingly) really good aerobics plan which wouldn't stress me out.

Basically, I created a formula, based on a logarithm, to map the number of minutes per week that I'm supposed to exercise. I say "based on" because it's slightly off from a true logarithm, because I had to discretize it and integrate it for some other calculations (honestly, I can't remember why anymore, but that's besides the point).

So how it works is that I seeded it with 20 minutes per week, 2 months ago, and it shot up to 30 minutes per week the next week, and then something like 37 minutes the next, and so on.

All previous plans I've come up with eventually tire me out, since I always thought linearly, ie, "Add 10 minutes per week". That didn't work, so I changed it to "Add 2 minutes per week". That one lasted a while, but eventually became unbearable after a long time, because it was taking up all my time.

So my new plan was to start with a high jump per week, but it would gradually slow down so that I'm adding almost nothing per week after 2 years.

All of this is somewhat tangential to what I came here to write though.

My algorithm uses an accumulator, so that whenever the daily requirement pops over 20 minutes, it schedules a workout for that day. So over the past 2 months, my aerobic frequency has gradually increased so that as of yesterday, I am now doing 20 minutes every other day, and next week I'll be at 23 every other day, and so on.

Prior to now, I've always scheduled my weight lifting to coincide with my aerobics; once a week, once every 6 days, 5 days, 4 days, and 3 days... but now I'm unsure if I should continue doing both on the same day.

See, weight lifting only works if you give your body enough time to heal the muscles after exercising, and I'm not sure only one day of rest is enough.

On websites that have this kind of information, they always reccomend doing 3 workouts per week, which doesn't exactly help me, as 3 doesn't really divide into 7. In fact, who's the retard who invented 7-day weeks anyways?

But my point is this, the most even way to spread out 3 workouts in 7 days is:


So this would seem to imply that one day of rest is enough. However, that's just too damned unsymmetrical to me, and I simply cannot workout like that.

And finally getting to the point: if I keep doing my aerobics and anaerobics on the same day, is that going to benefit me? Or should I cut it down so that I only do weight lifting once every 4 days (which seems too light for me)?

I don't want to do a staggered thing:

aerobic: on off on off on off on off
anaerobic: on off off on off off on off

Days 3,4, and 5 would throw me off and I know I'll end up forgetting one of them, plus I don't want to take 2 showers in a day (water is really expensive where I live, and I can only work out after work, I have to be at work waaaay too early to be working out beforehand).

Any opinions?

I almost picked up everything and moved to Tibet last week, to become a buddhist living in solitary. But then I realised that I like TV too much to actually do that.

My parents have officially decided to not pay me back the tens of thousands of dollars they owe me, and I found out that I have no legal recourse whatsoever, since I don't actually have any proof that I gave it to them. So that's two whole years of my life, wasted. Life seems to take on a very surreal tone once you realise that even your own parents are out to use you.


I'm not really sure where I'm headed anymore, all I know is that I've developed what can only be considered a very unhealthy Lego addiction.
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So pick up stakes and start anew. Nothing tying you to depressing old Buffalo anymore. Remake yourself. Get a new job, a new location, and a new start.

Try Las Vegas. If I wasn't so entrenched here, I'd live there.

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Oh, and trust me on this. There's NOTHING healthier for a relationship with your parents than to live far away from 'em. A surefire prescription for misery is to be a grown person living just down the street from your parents.

I'm a 12 hour drive from my parents, and I couldn't be happier about it. I send 'em a card on major holidays and take Maggie to visit about once a year.

It took 15 years of doing, but my relationship with my parents is now as deep and meaningful as my relationship with the guy who bags my groceries. I don't owe 'em a thing. They don't owe me a thing. I'm free to pursue whatever I choose without any chance of input from them, and they are free to do the same.

The deepest conversation we've had in the past ten years is "how's the weather?"

It's the most freeing thing in the world.

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