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I am a fibber.

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None of those things ended up implemented... instead, I ran through the Path serialization infrastructure and added flags to catch wrapping maps [more difficult than usual due to client ignorance of map size].

During debugging work, I managed to trigger a few, non-reproducable access violations in C#. The line in question:

font.DrawText(null, SrcText(), tblr.fetch(), Format, Color);

looks innocent enough. This of course makes me fear for my life. Randomish errors like that in C++ were often some nasty overrun bug, or a subtle timing issue. The parameters there don't change much, and certainly not anywhere there could be a timing issue. Does C# have overrun problems? I suspect so, though I'd be hard pressed to guess where they could happen. I don't think it's a GC issue, as I've found a few of those and they lead to different errors... Maybe an internal MDX problem that will just drive me stark raving mad. *shrug* Hockey time.
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