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Floors equals :(

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I hate these damn floors. Ever method I've tried has come close, but still yeilds a few "missing" triangles.

I think I've figured out what the subsectors do. At first I thought they formed triangles, but it seems they just form the border to a polygon. I was sure that after sorting the points into clockwise order that it would work.

Well it doesn't work. Appearently there are a bunch of sub sectors with only one segment in them. How they work I have no idea.

This looks like it has something to do with the missing triangles. Unfortunatly there are still some missing trinagles that don't match up with the last image, like the one where the player starts.

I'll probably have to implement the BSP tree, which I was hoping to avoid. [sad]
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I've had to deal with a problem like this before when I was writing a map viewer for the dungeons in the old Bethesda game the Elder Scrolls Daggerfall. The funky old model format they used had models that were made up of normal vertices and planar faces, but it had the ability of being able to have faces that were shaped using up to 24 vertices, not just 3 to form a triangle. I can't for the life of me remember what the name of the algorithm I used was to get these into a triangulated from, but there are algorithms out there that will do what you want and fill a polygonal shape with triangles for you.

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I know how to triangulate the polygons. I'm using a technique called "plastic wrapping". The problem is that there are places with no polygons and hence, no triangles.

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