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OMFG I hate myself =/

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Way to go me, I've been working on the audio system all wrong. I thought I had to worry about direction, but all that I need to worry about is the spatial value (getting louder as it gets closer and quieter the further away it goes.) Yay me!

Dragonfire Games Update

OMFG I am an idiot:

_ _ ___
|\ /| |
| \/ | |--
| | |___


I just spent around 2 hours working on a "problem" with my font engine. See, I was having an artifact problem (my first row of characters was off by -1 pixel, so the very left was getting the last pixel (the very right.) I fixed that around 10pm. Well, then for some reason my first row of characters were all off by 1 pixel. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. I'd show a picture, but I'm too lazy to switch over to my laptop. Needless to say, my background was black and I had put a 1 pixel thick rectangle around all the letters in my first row (to check the widths.)

My font engine is fixed now though (I hadn't noticed the problem before since I wasn't using any of the letters from the first row.) ROFL, I don't even remember what the problem was (probably not the best thing, but oh well.)


Other news

I'm thinking a company name change is in order. It doesn't look like dfgames.net is going to transfer to godaddy.com (since my admin email was never set and I don't know any of my old information.) And, Dragonfire Games is a pretty common name [Google]. Maybe I'll just go with DragonForge Technology (dftechnology.com or dftech.com.) The first is available, I haven't checked the second. I'll sit and ponder this awhile. Changing to DragonForge Technology would allow me to provide other software without people wondering "why is a game company providing POS software?" We'll see though.

But, I did get hosting set up with godaddy.com for 6.99/month (I'm too poor to pay for 12/24/36 months ahead.) Big thanks to ildave01 for saving me a big $0.70 on my purchase [wink] (the code would have really helped if I could afford the extra 50-60 dollars, but I have a laptop payment that has to go out tomorrow.)

Also, I just paid for another year on 2 xbox live accounts. I sold my xbox last month (to my brother, so I could have him bring it over, but I'm too busy with the Project2 and dft.)

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