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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Well, until I can re-register our domain name, all the old images will be not working in the journal, so sorry for the broken links

I must thank you guys for all the motivational comments to my last post, it helps to know someone is reading about our crap[grin]

So Mark and I came to the conclusion that we should probably take a break from Axis Shift for awhile and work on something else in order to break the monotony of working on one project for months on end.

We decided on a little multiplayer flying game along the lines of Angels 20, but with all the stuff we did wrong done right! It's pretty much an extension of the 2D heightmap demo I posted here a couple entries ago, except it has actual gameplay. Anyways, I've got tons of stuff to talk about regarding our new mini-project (it still has that new code smell), but I've got an assload of homework to do, and an early start tomorrow, so I'll spare you guys the description until tomorrow. Anyways, here's a screen of mountainous terrain with trees and a large brushfire going that's using my fancy new particle system I wrote today:

Also, here's the fighter montage Mark put together:

In other news, Mark got the shit kicked out of his rating today because he wandered into the lounge at the wrong moment, lets all point and laugh[grin]!

Talk to you guys later!
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Who is Mark, because I would love to point and laugh too.

Edit: Screw it, I'll point and laugh anyway.
Donny = &Mark;

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it helps to know someone is reading about our crap

Aw, don't say that about your own work. AS is looking great. [smile]

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Man, this stuff with our web site blows...

I hope it gets back up soon so I can show you how I've been wasting time

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