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Excessive Disk Space

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Evil Steve


Well, partitioning the 250GB drive into 2 smaller partitions worked pefectly, thanks Metorical! [smile]

To celebrate, I went and got another couple of 250GB drives for my PC. I'm now 50GB shy of having 1TB of disk space [grin] I thought that was rather silly though, so I'm going to change my server over to 2x 250GB drives, and install visual studio (so I can do coding / testing at work), and re-organise my www folder so it's on it's own drive.
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Well if you're just gonna buy another couple of disks just for the hell of it you should be getting yourself a RAID config [grin]


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I was thinking about it, but my server's motherboard is rubbish, and only supports IDE. And for RAID, I'd be better using SATA drives.

I'll get some more SATA drives and RAID them at some point, although I need to read up on RAID, since I know very little about it.

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