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The Grinder

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pan narrans


Just a quick update, until the design doc I'm working on is complete I won't have much to show off [depressed]

Anyway, its now 25 pages long (there are pics and everything!), and starting to get interesting. I decided it would be nice if the game characters had slang terms for the important stuff in their world and started this thread looking for ideas. Basically, I wanted a word for the factory-city these guys live in. These are all possibilities:
  • cubicles
  • grinders
  • hives
  • cells
  • gloms
  • foundries
I'm thinking I'll have the ruling class use "foundry", the downtrodden masses use "grinder" and the robots (oooooh, spoiler!) use "hive".

Thanks to all the peeps who gave suggestions. Back to work!
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Eventually, yes, but it won't be for a while. I'm going to spend the next coupla months working exclusively on the design doc. Then I might ask a few friends to review it, before I start coding. I wouldn't want a big team, plus I'm doing this in my spare time and it could take a few years, so I don't want to be hassled continuously by team members [wink]

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