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Well, I was going to post in the Pretty Girl thread in the lounge, but I felt my story would be more appropriate for my journal.

I went to a movie with a great looking girl today. I wasn't sure what she thought of our time out, a date or just going to see a movie together, but she called it a date as we were leaving, so I guess it was a date [smile]. I don't think of myself as looking good, so i'm amazed that she called it a date to be honest.

This is good, because this will have been my first date ever. Yes, i'm 20 (nearly 21) and this is my first date[sad]. Stop laughing.

Hopefully i'll get to go out with her again, we'll see.

On the bright side, she did say that this movie (The Hills Have Eyes) was better than one she saw earlier in the week (Silent Hill), and that the date was better because I wasn't trying to feel her up. I was too nervous to even think about trying that.

So hopefully it will go from here. Pray for me my fellow nerds!

That's all the news I have to report, but what news it was (to me anyway).
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Congratulations! Is she into video games too, or is that asking too much? ;)

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Not sure actually. She saw some of us playing Day of Defeat: Source at school and said she wanted to play. She's also at school for computer science. I probably wouldn't have met her otherwise [wink].

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Well, hate to kill the party, but I just found out that she only likes me as a friend. Damn was that happiness short lived.

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