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Mike Bossy


In a totally non-game related research project for work today I checked out SQLite. I've done a bunch of DB stuff in the past including some game work so I was checking it out since I heard it was a great lightweight solution that could replace things like ugly MDB files.

All in all I am impressed. Getting it to compile as a static lib was a breeze and I quickly had it integrated into a C++ app opening a DB and doing various queries. Performance seemed good and more importantly it just worked. The only annoying thing is the total lack of any kind of data binding. You really have to do your own data parsing on your queries. This obviously is by design as the whole idea is to get a thin layer on top of a DB so I'm not complaining.

For those who haven't looking into using databases in games they really are great if you're doing anything data driven. Just having a single location for your data that can be easily and quickly accessed is great. Up until now I've hated a lot of the solutions out there like Access just because it feels like so much overhead getting them integrated. SQLite gets rid of that problem. I will definitely be trying it out more in my next project that needs heavy data.
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