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Let There Be Light

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Stephen R


I got Doom 3 this morning. Wow [wow]. It looks great even at the rubishy resolution I have to run it at. And its dark, very dark. And extremely tense. I wouldn't call it scary though. I haven't jumped once while playing it, but I certainly wasn't serene either. I played it for five hours this afternoon and managed to get to Alpha Sector 2. From what I've read I guess I'm about half-way though.

I did manage to get a fair amount of coding done today. Primarilly I was finishing off the internal management code. Allowing the player to view and manipulate all the aspects of their planet. The player can view everything, and the server code is in place to handle changing stuff, but I have to put the interface code into the client app. I also started the internal clock. Now every ten seconds a year passes and the users' planets get updated. I will lengthen that time interval once I have finished testing. The game is coming along at a steady pace. I really want to finish this project. I want to have one game that I can claim as my own. It shouldn't take too long, not that I really mind . As long as it gets done.

I have a few ideas floating around for my next projects. I'm not going to touch them untill Raw is finished, but no harm in fleshing them out.

I was reading SiCrane's journal where he mentioned his code library. I really like the idea of having a formal code base, with enforced standards and such, for my own projects. I have a large amount of code floating around which I usually copy snippets from when I'm starting a new project, but I think its time to start keeping better track of my code - and a library is the perfect way to do that. I even came up with an unimaginative and pretentious name for it - libStro [grin].

I also want to get to grips with efficient 3d programming. I have written small 3d apps before, but I think a small game is in order. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'll come up with something.
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