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Games! Or Not... :

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Monitor Hell
For some crazy reason when I play games, my monitor likes to play games with ME. Today I fired up Dreamfall and within 30 minutes my monitor just fliped to black(like it lost connection), sound quit and my computer just kept on running.

So I reboot. Everythings good to go.

I fire up Dreamfall again. Poof, it happens really quick; within 2 minutes or so.

So I reboot. Update the BIOS and fire up Dreamfall again. Played for about 2 hours, then poof, happened again...

I'm not sure if its the Monitor or the new GPU I bought last december (Nvidia 7800GT).

If anybody has experienced this before, go ahead and feel free to leave a message! I'd really like to know whats up or whats being speculated about.

For the time I have got to play this game, It is turning out to be quite a odd little adventure (in a fun way). ;)

I must say that I hate the mouse controls though. ;
Baldur's Gate II
Being a huge fan of RPG's I'm surprised I still have yet to touch this game. ;) I went over to EB Games in a splurge to spend some money and found this collection box pretty cheap. So, I snagged it and I guess I'll be fiddling around with this until I can figure out whats wrong with my other computer.

Final Projects, Exams, Deadlines, Oh My!

Other then that, I've been tinkering around with some games that I haven't played.
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In soviet russia, computer plays you!

The Baldur's Gate series is the top on my list, they're pretty much the only games I play now.

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