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ADD *drool*

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I am a spaz apparently. Still no COM tutorial. Upshot I've been gaining steady ground in that department, covered in depth registry entries, ATL commands to support and automate those registry creations, pretty complete understanding of MIDL, how to compile in the typelib description into the right resource location and what needs to be dropped into the registry if you feel like getting crazy. I'm still a bit hazy on what officially sepeartes COM, COM+, and ActiveX. As I thought I had crossed partially into COM+ territory, yet all my .NET interop stuff refers to ActiveX stuff.

Oh yeah, also I've got plenty of information on how to make a COM dll .NET compatible. Being able to deploy a single .DLL for a 3rd party to reference agaist in MSVS, which will automatically build a .NET interop layer dll based on the embedded tlb (typelib info). It works pretty well, but in theory all that "thunking" will be a small performance hit.

Anyways, I'm still a spaz. I can't work tommorow (work work) because the test system will be offline so the office mgmn can replace a transformer that has been blacking out the office park. In theory this gives me plenty of time finish up the COM tutorial and any assoicated research. In reality I need to clean my car, get it down to the DMV to finally get my oregon license plates, go shopping for things like bread and ketchup (current bottle is congealing or something), and start deep cleaning my apt for company in 2 weeks.

In assoication w/ my spaz nature, I've been eyeing ruby again. It's something I want to love, but have little reason to do much with it. Lots of toys, like Webrick, Mousehole, Camping etc. The language is "neat", but find my mind blown a bit at programming something of complexity in it. Toys are toys, not wmd's. Then again I'm a sucker for pain (BREW, Symbian, J2ME, COM, VB, J2SE <-> Linux Serial. And that's just in the past 1 year)

Don't expect a tutorial sunday afternoon. sorry, rate me down accordingly

Wink and a nod
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Well, here's some sympathy from a fellow spaz [smile]

To be honest, I was a little surprised that you'd brought up the COM tutorial thing in the first place. I tried to get my head around all that stuff at one point, hacked on it for about a month, and just gave up. So at least as far as I'm concerned, I don't think it's any kind of slight against you that it's taking this long to grok all of the stuff. Actually I'm fairly impressed that you've stuck to it this long.

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Well I was doing it for work anyways, and since I found finding useful information mostly impossible it struck me as something I should get out in a coherent form.

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