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Its Alive.

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I have put a kabosh on starting new projects, after coming into the knowledge that my tendency to start new things while leaving other things unfinished simply leaves in its wake a long series of unfinished things. This applies to my entire life, not just projects that I work on.

So, when one is trying to overcome a problem like this, there are a few simple (at least, simple to my mind) things that one can do.

Step One: stop starting new things.

Step Two: finish things you have already started, and once you have the things you need to finish down to a level one can manage, then start something new.

So, I have decided not to start any new personal programming projects, so making an online pong game and making a really really good snake game have to wait.

But it just so happens that my 6809E emulator in C# is still an active project, so I can work on that.

still very rough. it allows the loading and saving of the machine's memory. it runs. The picture shows the following program running:

LDA #$00
LDX #$0400
CMPX #$0600
BNE loop
BRA start

And yes, I did LDA #$00 instead of CLRA, because I wanted to try it with different initial values.

The display (seen in the picture) is memory mapped from $0400 to $05FF, and uses as a "font" the JetLag2003 bitmap.
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