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Damn that hardware support

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I'm in the middle of writing up a demo/sample application for you guys... started purely to satisfy my own curiosity, but I figured it might be of interest to a wider audience. Also, in the absence of a working build of Windows Vista I can't do any D3D10 work [headshake]

Anyway, I had a great idea about using queries in my code to further demonstrate/reinforce the assertations made by other more conventional statistics.

Sucks that they're not supported by my drivers/hardware [sad]

I figure the pipeline statistics stuff is probably reserved for the instrumented drivers rather than final "retail" drivers.

Because of tools like NVPerfHUD, PIX etc.. theres probably no point in me writing any code in that only works with instrumented/debug drivers. If you've got these drivers then you'll probably also have the tools to go with them - and they tend to give bigger/better information than the queries ever could...

Oh well [sad]
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