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A fellow illusionist?

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Found this Master's Thesis Proposal dated from 2000.

He talks about investigating the possibility of using optical illusions in computer graphics if they can be used to achieve effects similar to traditional methods as long as the cost of that illusion is less than the traditional method. His portion on illusion is almost exactly the abstract from my paper. It's rather weird

The thing is, I've done google searches on "Optical Illusions in Computer Graphics" a number of times in the past (yes, I was looking for propogation of my paper), but I had never seen this piece before. Even when I originally did my research I didn't find this paper.

Anyway, I did some searches on the guy's name and found some other papers. As far as I can tell, it looks like he just gave up on illusion and chose to stick to Non PhotoRealistic (NPR) Rendering, for example cell shading.
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