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More trampoline fun

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As mentioned previously, I threw a trick combo on tramp thursday night. What you'll see here is three flips followed by two. The first flip is called a 2 and 3/4, since you rotate (duh) twice and 3/4 to land on your back. Although you don't go to feet, ducking your head under for the 3/4 makes it 3 flips. Off my back I throw a double porpoise, which is 2 flips. A single porpoise is a back drop front flip to back drop, and you can look like a porpoise jumping out of the water while doing it - hence the name.

3 and 2 [MySpace video]

The 2 and 3/4 flip I'm working on a lot in order to get my triffus, which is three flips with a 1/2 turn to feet. My next video capture will be a ballout fliffus, I've already done one on Tues but haven't tossed any more yet. A ballout is a porpoise that you carry through to your feet. So a ballout fliffus is two flips and a 1/2 twist to feet off your back. Fun [grin]

Eyes here this Tuesday...
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