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Well, it appears that my current Collaboration with ArchWizard has been Outed. So I have been trading in sleep for work. I wouldn't have said that it was a Baldurs Gate/NWN clone, because I couldn't hope to put in as much technical skill as NWN has, but I certainly hope to get something similar to a Baldurs Gate game finished (well, in terms of the game, not the content).

Additionally, I announce the release of The Wiki of RPGs. This is the long awaited wikification of that tremendously outdated document I wrote, The Future of RPGs. Now with some community help it can once again be considered relevant and useful to todays game developer generation.

Feel free to email off for an account, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be any more defacement of the wiki by some unnamed Tiberians ;)
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Thanks. It was about 6 months of work at the time. Its about time it was updated though.

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