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*blows dust off*

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I do not understand why I read such phrases as brains and beauty, implying that a girl who is intelligent yet beautiful is some kind of rarity. The implication is that stupidity almost certainly goes hand in hand with beauty. A simple excersice:

Suppose that brains and beauty (oh my!) were almost certainly mutually exclusive. Now let us simplify then and say

if (she is attractive) then (she is likely stupid)


if (she is not most certainly ugly) then (she is likely not smart)

the converse is

if (she is likely smart) then (she is most certainly ugly)

which is just silly.

I conclude that the chance of finding a girl who hath brain yet art pleasent to look upon is just as likely as finding a gal who art a bane to the eye yet doth reek of knowledge. And if proved wrong (which I most certainly will not *hmmph!* then i blame MTV and Access Hollywood. ARRRR

*NOTE* Highly dissimilar interests and world views as to make communication near incommensurable does not mean stupidity...

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The people who make those kinds of comments are usually themselves fairly shallow, at least in my experience. The one that annoys me the most is "nobody shares my interests so everyone sucks." That kind of attitude is a telltale sign that someone doesn't have enough depth or personality of their own to actually relate to people on any significant level - instead, they have to fake it by blathering on about some subject they've memorized a lot about.

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You certainly need to get out a lot more and read a lot less! [smile]
this statement was brought to you by an attractive and intelligent (so I'm told) and wise(!) laydee..so there! [grin]

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ApochPiQ - Agreed.

Evelyn - I do go out though! Sometimes...

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