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Fuck the CRA

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Well I tried filing my taxes today. I'm aware that I waited till the last minute, but all season all I've heard is "File online, file online, it's so easy to file online!!!"


It's my first time filing and I expected to just be able to go to the CRA's web site, fill in some boxes and be done with it. Boy was was I wrong. Even with taxes, the only thing the government gives two shits about, they still can't be bothered making their own software. I eventually found UFile online which claimed I could file with it since my refund was only $600.

Well I fill everything out and get to the end only to find out I can't file online if it's my first time. WHY THE FUCK NOT!!! So fine, I lie and say it's not. OK so now I need some access code. Yep should be on the T1 form they sent me. WHICH I NEVER GOT!!! I only have one little T4 form.

I try to keep this free of personal stuff as much as possible, but my hatred for the CRA and our retarded government knows no bounds. Fuck them, now I know why people hate taxes.
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The T1 forms are total bullshit. I keep getting T2202As from my university which are even bigger bullshit -- they pre-fill out the form but they always get my information wrong.

Then I have to white out the information they've indelibly inserted into the PDF form download -- which means that inevitably I'm going to get a call from one of the members of Kids in the Hall asking why my tax forms have been dicked with.

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Every form is bullshit. Our whole government and every other government is built on one huge steamy pile of bullshit.

I suppose if I want my god damn money back though I should start the process sooner. Still there's no excuse for it begin so difficult.

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Hey, don't slam our government. At least we're not being led by that fuckup Bush.

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