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Last night was ammmaaazziiinngg.

So I went to this house party (I've been to almost every party at this particular house) and I decided to try a different socialization strategy - keg tending. Keg tending (or, being the "keg master") essentially involves minding the keg for the night, serving whomever wants beer beer, keeping it well-pressurized and so on. Basically, to keep the beer flowing.

And I must say, it really makes you a center of attention.

Consider this - assume a hot girl is checking you out or whatever. Now, if you're just standing around drinking and not paying attention, there is little chance she'll come over to you and chat you up (in most situations). However, if she has a reason to come over (BEER.) then you've got a perfect opportunity for conversation.

Another great benefit is that you get to know the people throwing the party a lot better. Well, you get to know everyone who drinks beer better, but they especially were happy to have someone helping out.

Finally - and this is the best part - you never have to wait in line for a refill. BECAUSE YOU ARE TEH REFILLER!


Needless to say, I was wasted last night. And I loved every minute of it :D
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