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Not a damn thing =/

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As hard as I've tried, I haven't been able to get a damn thing done. I came home from fishing and had to help with the chickens. Then I had to cleanup. Then cook dinner. Then I spent from around midnight around 1:30 I was messing around with the 3D audio and figured out how to do it (atleast, I think it will work, Raymond and I are going to talk about it later.) At around 1:45 I talked to Raymond, and then about a half an hour later I went to bed.

So, around an hour ago (2pm; yea, I was tired. I slept 2 hours yesterday, and did a lot more work than I'm used to) I get woke up and told that I have to rotertiller(sp?) my mom's garden area so she can plant some stuff. So, I do that and I was planning on coming up and working on DFT, but now I have to do dishes. Yea, I've done more work since I started working with Raymond than I have done in 2 years.

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Kind of figured out how to do the 3D audio.

Dragonfire Games Update

I'm recoding the whole engine. First of all my sound class is broken. If looping is off, the song has to be started twice because I coded the class wrong. Also, I'm using transformed vertices which is making things hella painful. So, I'm switching the engine to an orthographic view. This will allow the engine to become a lot more powerful. Instead of having n number of quads (i.e. one for each letter in a string), I can have 1 quad, and just translate it. I can also rotate and scale stuff (scaling is important, for the font engine.) I'll also be coding the font engine to use the aforementionend system (fixed width tiles with offsets. I plan to have this part of the engine recoded and done by June 1st.


Other news

Still haven't decided on the website name. DragonForgeTechnology.com is too long, dfTechnology.com just doesn't do it for me, and dftech.com is taken.

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You should skim some of these resources that I found pretty usefull while I was working on the audio portion of the development. I can't promise that they'll help you at all, but they did helped me from understanding nothing to gaining a pretty good idea on how everything came together. Some is a little dated, but the concepts are there.




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Thanks Dave! Those will really help when I start doing my audio system and the concepts will help with S3 (the code won't, since S3 uses DirectSound, but I can code the stuff myself.)

I still haven't gotten anything done =/. I finished dishes, ate dinner, fed the chickens, did some other crap, and here I am. Good thing is, my parents will be gone for about 4 hours, then they will come home and go to bed (my dad manages several gas stations, so once a month he has to go to all of them and make sure everybody is doing everything right. The furthest store is about 2 hours away, so it takes quite a while; about 4 hours.)

Time for me to do some ubercoding. Hopefully I can talk to Raymond too.

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