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Ice-cream and peanut butter

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I'm depressed today because I didn't get any real work done at all. I just sat around in my cubicle all day fucking around with this little client and didn't get very far at all. So when I go home today I'm going to sit in front of the television and eat my ice-cream and my peanut butter.

You see, this whole "Open Source" thing is not as good as it seems when it comes to development tools. Currently I'm using Bloodshed Dev-C++ as my main IDE... for a corporate product. It sucks, it sucks a lot.


Crazy like a fox, but I'm getting Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 sometime next week when the order ships. We're ordering over $10,000 of stuff from Microsoft: an exchange server, Office corporate licensing... the works.

I'll be a LOT more productive once I get that, oh yes yes yes I will.

Anyway, screenshot from a day worth of "effort":

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How weird, my company makes me use DevC++ too, mainly because the project I'm working on is 'unofficial' (read: no budget). Whilst they're a MS Gold partner, they seem to be reluctant to give me a copy of VC++ which IMHO would boost my productivity by 100%.

I envy you getting a 'work' copy of VS [grin]

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