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Change of plans

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After doing more reading I decided to change my plans alittle bit.

Before starting with my design document I would have to experience for awhile with several aspects that I am unfamiliar with. my main objective now is to make a 3d-model loader.

I have decided that I'll user Milk Shape for my 3d-models and probably convert the MilkShape file format to my own format. The reason I'll use Milkshape is because of his price. no overkill like 3ds max or maya.

I haven't decided yet on a map editor and I do have the feelings I will have to do one by myself. my game will need a very specfic map editor.

so basically, I want to have a very basic engine before starting with the design document. I will have to re-factor it or re-write because of my lack of knowlage at this moment. but it will be worth the experience.

here are my task list for the basic engine :
1. 3d-Model loader.
2. Simple lighting
3. Simple Object management
4. Simple Textures loading/rendering
5. very simple camera support
6. simple Keyboard/Mouse support
7. simple sound support.

many things are missing but those are the basics I want to experience with in the next few weeks.

I'll keep you posted.
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