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School Projects

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So I have a few projects going on for school right now. One of which is in Java and the other is in C++.

Calix is a pretty good name and I've become quite fond of it. Maybe I should label myself as Calix Games. I don't know, we'll see.

CURRENT PROJECT 1 - Java [Calix - Personal Bible Assistant]
I am taking an architecture/design class focusing on UML. So from the start of this project I've went from planning:

- Use Case Diagram
- Product Discription
- GUI Design
- Domain Model
- Sequence Diagrams
- State Model
- Building Test Cases

To then actually sitting down to code the application.

This application is being designed with the intent to be a learning asset for remembering specific keywords within phrases from a bible context.

Once the user fires the application up, the main screen will pop up to familiarize the user with the user interface. The user will be directed to Load a bible context provided with the application which will present itself onto the main screen so that they can review it.

The user will also be able to view a list of the keywords (if they wish too) that are associated with the loaded context for further review.

Once the user is ready, they can enter the drill mode portion of the application. Here they will initialize the drill mode which will present a keyword to the screen. The user will have 5 seconds to note if they know which phrase it belongs too or if they don't know it. If they select 'Yes' or 'No' the phrase will show up on the screen for review and then it will move on to the next keyword in 5 seconds.

It will keep track of the rights, and wrongs and give them a total point value from what they've done during that session. It will also keep track of the overall statistics [from every program run] with the ability to reset it to zero.

After time has passed, the application will become smart enough to start drill you more so on the words that you've got incorrect, than correct.

// A shot of the Main Screen, Drill Mode, Statistic Window

CURRENT PROJECT 2 - C++ [Inheritance]
This small console application is pretty much testing our ability to extend several classes. The objective is to take in input such as: 3/4 + 4.53, chew it up and create instances of a Integer, Rational or a Real number to then perform the respected operation between them.

It didn't sound too difficult until I sat down and tried to minipulate the input like it needed to be. We'll see.

For schools that don't have game development directly involved within the system, I think all programming classes should revert to actually teaching their material in a game development sort of fashion.

For example. A beginning C++ course at the university just teaches topic... topic... topic... and you'll walk away with 8 or so applications that mean aboslutely nothing to anybody besides yourself. I think it would be pretty interesting to go into a course like this and start working on, lets say a console RPG/Adventure for example.

This would:
A) Still Build upon topics in the same order
B) Open the minds of the students to be creative
C) Challenge students that learn a new topic to realize that they could have done something better in their program to make it function better
D) Let the student come away from a course with one single application displaying everything they learnt rather than 8 different applications

I know that my courses don't pressure people to be creative/innovative. Like that Bible Drilling program I'm working on now. I tried to offer a different type of application (that served the same purpose design wise), but had more of a use for people that struggled with Math. I ended up being shot down.

Just my two cents. I know I've met a lot of people that are not really interested in developing games for a living, but thought that a class like that would bring more interest to the course.

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