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The transform iterator adaptors have gone on the back burner. One of the constructs I'm using doesn't seem to be happy in gcc, and my template-fu isn't sufficient to figure out a work around. So basically, I need to do that complete re-write I was talking about. That's sufficiently demoralizing that I'm going to table that particular section for a bit. The sad part was that I thought the iterator adaptors were one of those simple cases that all I'd need to do was write a test case then check it in to the code library.

I think next up for the code library is to proof some of my locale stuff. Which means I need to dig up my copy of "Standard C++ IO Streams and Locales" which I haven't seen in about a year. Fortunately it's an Addison-Wesley book, so at least I'll get a discount from GDNET+ if I happen to need to buy a new copy. :P
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