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Bringing Milton back to life, part 2

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... and this is why I've never really, truly loved Linux.

Yeah, I like it fine as a Unix. The philosophy is a little shaky, and as far as Unixes go, I actually kind of prefer BSD, in a little secret corner of my heart. But Linux is what I'm directly familiar with, and I already have a perfectly good set of RHL disks, so I'm too lazy to actually go out and get a good set of OpenBSD ISOs and burn the disks so I can use it instead.

The problem I have with Linux is hardware support. Or, more accurately, the fact that Linux has none. It sucks. It's beyond abysmal. I actually first started trying to dabble in Linux almost 10 years ago now, but couldn't find a distro that would work with the hardware I had available.

Today, 10 freaking years later, I'm still plagued with hardware support issues.

I remember now why the last build of Milton took so long: I had to manually find an nForce driver set for the 2.4 kernel, make a manual bugfix, build the driver, and install it. All that so I could just download the updated 2.6 kernel and redo it all.

So I went to go install 2.6 today, and guess what? wget barfed on me. Oh yeah, whoops... I have no network drivers.

I was happy, for a few minutes - I had a nice shiny working clean server, and all I had to do was install some packages. Then this.

Gaahhh! Oh well. I guess it isn't a proper Unix server deployment if you don't have to copy some driver sources by hand from another machine and do a manual patch to the code.

Fricken Linux.
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FreeBSD went onto my Dell Poweredge 1800 smooth as butter. The only "custom" steps I had to do was compile a SMP kernal and install it. A 6 command process where I didn't even need to edit a config file.

Then again this thing will never have a xterm. Ever.
I think that is were linux/*nix fall apart. Then again I still refuse to use Linux as my desktop so I don't really care atm. (Once Vista ships I may be more concernd)

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