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Milton part 3

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OK, maybe my rant was premature.

As of right now, I'm successfully downloading the kernel (make that done downloading). So either the most-recent nForce drivers are less sucky than the last time I did this, or the real pain is that they don't work properly on 2.6 kernels. I'm re-downloading the freshest build from nVidia just to be safe - it looks to be a couple months more recent than the copy I found lurking on one of my old Miscellaneous Junk CDs.

So... maybe this will go nicer than last time. But before I jinx all of that, I should go make sure that I can actually build and deploy properly...

Oh, and screen is just bloody amazing. I swear, if I didn't have a dual-head box for Windows, I'd want something to emulate screen. Nothing is quite as handy as going between install docs and the actual install process with a single key combo.
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