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The weekend of tedium

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Mike Bossy


Now that my project is "feature complete" I figured it was a good time to take a weekend and just go back and clean things up a bit. I'm not talking about re-architecting, just making sure all the header files are neat, comments are where they should be, etc.

The biggest task I wanted to tackle was getting any hard coded constants taken out. Usually when I'm adding objects to a scene I'll just hard code their location to get things up and running quickly. Unfortunately this comes back to bite me in the ass when I try to switch resolutions. This mess is a side affect of the fact that my engine is not data driven enough. A problem that I knew I had but am not planning on addressing until after my current game is completed. I've found in the past that I'm always re-writing things when I should just make due until the end of my project. It makes it a lot harder to reach the finish line when you keep recreating the race course mid may through.

Outside of that I've also started looking into integrating PhysicsFS into my engine to make my resources easier to pack up. This is going to require some major work to get things like TinyXML and Ogglib using it but in the long run it would be a great feature. Also gives me some sanity on hiding things from the Sally Homemaker user.
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That PhysicsFS library does look interesting; I've wondered about the best way of packaging all the asset files so it doesn't look messy. Thanks for that; I've bookmarked that as something to look at in the future!

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