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Brand new journal!

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int main()
cout << "Wewt!\n"
<< "I got GDnet premium!\n";

Hehe. [grin]

I actually have no idea what to use my journal for, except for piling my almost hourly troubles with my current learning hobby/project into... and it's text-based, so I know you people will bug me about it being a waste to get GDNet+ when I'm still text-gramming. I just figured now would be a good time to get my parents to get it for me; my father was in a good mood today and I thought I'd ask. (Not that he's always in a bad mood; just that today he seemed a bit more allowing towards computer things.

You know, all this is making me think I should start out with an "about me". That's a good idea. Thanks, "all this". [grin]

Well, to start, my name is Jonathan and I am 13 years old. I have a little sister who bugs me to no end, and two parents who are awesome (my father is one of THE top players on Doom 3 free-for-all multiplayer, and my mother, while often stressing out, is very loving. [grin]). I am a Nintendo semi-freak (I refuse to be tugged over to PSP, although the new name for the Revolution (Wii) is a bit odd, and moreover I am a Legend of Zelda fan[atic]. I started learning to program when I was around 10 (althugh only sparsely, and forgot about programming after a short class in it), then got back into it last year when I was on vacation in Hawaii. Since then I've been learning C++, struggling slightly at pointers and trying my hand at a text-based RPG (which turned out pretty nice, even without prior designing, although the actual gameplay was never done). Currently, I'm working on what I call an "arena battle" program, creating my own headers that you could use to create your own arena game.

That should end the about me section... Tomorrow I'll try to post some stuff about my arena project.

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:D Oh,man, i've been waiting so long to be able to get one of these things!

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