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Input issues

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Turns out the input class is going to take a couple more days. I didn't relize how different C# is to VB in respect to events. In VB I could do this:

'// define it:
Public Event Mouse_Move(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer)

'// Then call it:
RaiseEvent Mouse_Move(a, b)

'// Then handle it:
Private Sub MouseMove(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer) Handles Input.Mouse_Move
'// Do stuff
End Sub
'// Simple!

With C#, I am going to need to use a bunch of delegates and other crap I don't fully understand. I will spend a while in MSDN tonight, and if that doesn't work, I may resort to buying a book...

Other than that, the basic framework is functional. I have a basic "object" class that handles static objects in the world. I have a "Graphics" class that will oversee the creation of the D3D device and handle the rendering, GUI, text, and a couple of other random things. As soon as the input class is done, I can start on a basic terrain system. I think I will go for heightmaps, they are clean, simple, and if I want to upgrade later, I will.

That's about it... The game is progressing nicely. If I can make it another week, I will be happy. That is about how long it takes until I usually lose interest.
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