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OK now back to DOOM.Net news.

After a lot of thought I've decided to drop the whole idea of using triangles to render and will instead be implementing the software rendering code. It was just going to take to damn long to ever get it to look "right", plus there were already a bunch of horrible rendering hacks creeping in. This means you might not be seeing any fancy screenshots for a while.

One feature I did working though was PWAD loading. For those of you not familiar with DOOM terms, this means I can now load custom made levels, textures, and sounds.

Here's a shot of map 1 from a (great) PWAD called "Slayer".

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Software rendering, eh? That sounds like it will be equally (if not more) tricky. [smile]

However, are you sure that C# (you're using C#, right?) can perform software rendering fast enough? The main reason that games are decently 'makable' in .NET is because of being able to unload a lot of the work onto the GPU. What lib are you using for the rendering? I've tried SDL.NET before and just rendering a few hundred pixels by hand (ie. pixel-by-pixel) took way longer than its unmanaged counterpart.

So I still wish you good luck, but be wary. You may have to fall deep into the realm of unmanaged code -- which may or may not defeat the coolness of using .NET in the first place. [smile]

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Aww [sad]
Still, software rendering is just as cool, if not cooler [grin]

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