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It's been a while....

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Quite some time since I updated this. I've been spending a ton of time working on job interviews and such, so haven't done too much development or writing.

In aid of my article on third-person camera control (see earlier entries), I've decided to hack together some sample code. This code basically allows on-the-fly switching of any third-person camera method. I've currently got free-roaming, coordinate transformation, polar coordinates, and spherical coordinates working. I'll have more once I finish all of the 'framework' coding.

Without further delay, feast your eyes of dodgy programming and programmer art:


It's written in C++ (Visual Studio 2005), DirectX (Feb 2006), and uses PhysX 2.3.3. I've still got to clean-up a lot of code, in particular the player controller. Once that's done I can start focusing on the camera systems and writing.

I'm hoping to have the first part of the article (on player control and the three simple camera methods I have at the moment), and the source available in a week or so. It all depends on how much more I have to fight with PhysX.
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methinks your aspect ratio is a bit off (squished) =D

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