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The Milton Chronicles: End of a Chapter

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Woohoo! Everything is finally working. I just crushed a couple of final glitches with some USB support modules, and now it's all golden - 100% error free boot on

I was going to post this from Milton, but then I realized that I don't have a working X-Windows install, and even if I did, the default Mozilla browser that came with the distro totally blows. Since I never really did get the hang of text-mode web surfing, I'm posting this from my Windows box instead.

But Milton lives, and lives strong.

Remaining stuff to do:
  1. Fix the fact that the CDROM drive still won't work under 2.6... stupid thing. Must have missed a module.

  2. Hack up the boot process so it doesn't load all the crufty excess daemons that I never need, like printer services.

  3. Lock down the security and get things ready to go live

  4. Install Webmin

  5. Install Apache

  6. Install PHP5

  7. Install MySQL

  8. Think long and hard about installing Ruby and redoing my web software in Rails...

Right... bedtime.
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Think very very very very hard about that last step. I'm finding more useful info about stable apache/ruby configs but everyone loves to recommend lighthttp for the job.

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