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Bank Holidays aren't real days...

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... and as such, I didnt feel the slightest need todo any college work today [grin]

Instead, I spent a few hours poking GTL to get teh decompression fixed and lo! it doth work now.

The error was infact pretty silly; I wasnt seeing an internal bpp after decompression. So, when you tried to get a pointer back to the data at mipmap lvls 1 and onwards you were infact getting a pointer to the base image back.. doh!

It took me far far too long to track this down, but track it down I did and its now fixed.

I'm still pondering the DDS flipping/mirroring issue. I'm thinking a normal routine should do it, it just needs a few adjustments to make sure it works on each mipmap level correctly.

I might do that now... I've got about an hour before I have to go out...
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