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Evil Steve


I decided that today was the day to upgrade my server. So I got an AMD64 X2 3800, 2GB RAM and a new mobo and cheapy PCI-Express graphics card (ATI X300). All together, it came to GBP500, which isn't too bad.
I managed to get the new CPU and RAM installed into my PC, and my old AMD64 3500 and 1GB RAM installed in my server with the new mobo and gfx card, after managing to seperate my CPU and heatsink, I come to install Win2k, and the damn CD is knackered.

I though I'd go and get a copy of Windows XP 64-bit, since it's only GBP100 at a shop near me, but the damn shop closed at 6 (And it was 6:15 when I realised by Win2k CD was toast). I'll have to go and get a copy of it during my lunch break tomorrow now.

I also tried ghosting the old drive onto the new one, in the hope that it'd work, but I get a blue screen of death saying INVALID_BOOT_DEVICE. So, it looks like my server is down till tomorrow night. I just hope that silicon group has XP 64 in stock, since PC World is selling it at GBP260, and I refuse to pay that much for an OS.
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You can get it online for under £100, see the link below and scroll down the page. Good UK site, I recommend them. Hope you can get one from your local shop though :-)



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Including VAT and P&P, it comes to £102.46. And I'd have to wait for it to be delivered. Still, thanks for the link. I've heard a lot of good things about Overclockers, but I've never got around to actually buying anything from them.

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Always good as a backup :-) Hope you are still enjoying your first job in the industry

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Just temporarily use one of the bazillion MSDN OS's that you should have. I'm pretty sure you can also transfer the licence/keys without reinstalling the software.

I plan on running MSDN Win2k3 on my development file-server in the future [grin]


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@Jack: D'oh, I never thought of that. Oh well, I'm at work now, it's too late. I'll just go get a copy of XP 64-bit during my lunch break and install it when I get home.

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since it's only £100 at a shop near me

Sounds like a bloody cheap shop, which shop is it? Whereabouts in Edinburgh?

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