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New stuff on top

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I needed a bit more space for some new games, so I re-did my gamedev header.

I also added a button to play the Official Bargain Basement Blog Theme Song. I decided long ago that I need an official theme song, not so much for the blog but for myself. I needed something that would let people know that they were in the presence of The Man.

Something with presence.

Something that'd let people know that The Flyman Experience wasn't something to be taken lightly.

So the theme song is now available by pressing the blue button up there. If you are similarly a person who must experience presence in your life, you'll check the little checkbox so you'll always know you're in for something special every time you visit the blog without having to launch The Theme(tm) every time.

I must now work with the people of Make magazine. I now require a little electronical box that I can wear on my belt that will play my theme whenever I enter a room.

It's all about the presence.
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I think I can see your ego from here.

Yup! There it is climbing reunion tower with Jennifer Anniston in its hand.

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Clean up on isle 4. Requesting assistance from an off button.

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Ha ha, nice! Although, I did have to listen to it twice. It caught me by suprise the first time[lol]

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