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So I've been asking around about penis size a lot lately (one of my many concerns) and have been getting really mixed results. Someone said last night that she thought the average size was 5". I normally hear 6"-6.5", but I've also heard 7" isn't uncommon either.

I won't mention my size until I get a couple comments, but needless to say I'm kind of small. Which should be a given if you've read my journal for a couple months.

The shootoff question to this, of course, would be: does it really matter? Again, mixed results. A couple girls say they aren't satisfied at all by a small penis, but almost all girls agree that being large is always a plus (as long as its not painfully so).

So yeah... thoughts?
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How about visiting a few public showers and doing some studies? [grin]

"Don't mind me, sir, I'm just doing some research."

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@HopeDagger: ROFL

Rosy Palms doesn't care what size it is [wink]

Seriously though, I've talked to a few girls and most have said that the length isn't what matters to them.

Remember though, you can't please them all (unless you have a genie.)

Also, if she says its too small you can just call her a whore and say a "if you didn't sleep around so much" comment.

Edit: Also, now you're going to get a lot of views (all those people looking for porn >_> <_< on google)

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the last average I heard, and as I recall the source was a medical study, was 6inches.

Also, from what I've been told, although some girls do like it long, the thing which matters the most is girth...

oh, and best. journal. entry. ever!

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I'm 4 inches.



Um, yeah, penis jokes are not above me.

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What the heck? I thought average was 10", guess that's just me...
In all seriousness, yeah, I hear 6" is the average, and I also hear from most females that they don't care about size, don't sweat it, dude. [smile]

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@Prinz Eugn

Heh, iirc, 4" around isn't that big...

Heh, yea, the last medical average I heard was 6" long. I've also heard that 6-8 is fine, but when you pass 8, you start scaring some girls ^_^ . Then, there are some girls who won't waste their time with you if you're not atleast 9".

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@meh - My hand gets plenty of playtime, no worries there ;)

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