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Let the networking begin!

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My goal for this week is to kick start my search for an artist. With that in mind this morning I sent out emails to a bunch of my contacts who might know available artists. I'm going to give it a couple days to see what kind of leads this generates. I'd really like to find someone through a referal rather than finding a random unknown person. But that is my next option if I don't get any viable leads out of this email swarm.

On a more boring update the work on ripping out hard coded constants continued this morning and is almost complete. I can't wait to get done with this crap. I also got my hands on a sound FX library that I'm starting to go through to figure out what to use for my UI sounds, etc.

I am also one month away from my deadline to be code complete. Everything looks to be on track. The only thing that can derail that is if I decide to go with a virtual file system. As of right now that's classified as a "nice to have" feature and not a "need to have".
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