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About falling off cliffs...

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There is one area of the game code that has been producing the most amount of bugs. When Stompy falls off a cliff and dies, the game calls a routine that is supposed to reset Stompy's position over solid ground. This routine seems to cause a whole mess of problems.

First of all, it doesn't usually work as intended. Although it does reset Stompy over solid ground, most of the time it resets the position with 1 pixel of the collision rect on the ground. So yes, it technically works, but I fear people might see most of Stompy's body off the ground, and try to make a desperate movement for land. I base this off of personally watching a friend play the game, and trying to do just that.

Second of all, this routine messes with the game's scrolling in very bad ways. I believe in the latest demo it is so bad, that if you die in Level 1, the SniperBots will appear to be in mid-air. I have since fixed that bug, though.

My goal today is to fix that bug, or at least make it less severe. I also have to go back and alter some old level designs to fix errors(*cough*end of level 2*cough*).
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Well than you'll be happy to know that I can't completely fix it. Well, maybe I could, I'm just too lazy to do it [lol]

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