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SO and SoS

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Skirmish Online

The Item Editor is more or less completed now. Due to (a silly) lack of foresight I need to add in a field for the sound effect to be associated with the weapon/item, but otherwise it's all in working order. I've completed entering the previously hardcoded item data into the editor, and it all seems to work just dandy. The client balked a bit at having to load data from file AND receive inventory info from the server, but that's now managed as well. I can't wait to stress test this beast later this week. [smile]

The last item on the version is sound effects. I'll harnass the infinite power of FindSounds.com for the most part, and Google around for the rest. Maybe even take out my microphone to do a few cheesy ones. After that will be getting 3D sound tweaked to a nice volume->distance level, and then associating sounds with each item. Piece of metaphorical cake. :P

Star of Shadows RPG

With the completion of v0.05 of Skirmish, I want to get my arse back in gear with my RPG project as well. Things look pretty dusty on the forum, so I'll be doing my best to get the ball rolling again. Overlord (the now former project coordinator) has given me full reign over the project and its direction, so I'll be bringing about some changes for sure. This'll also mean a lowered productivity rate for Skirmish, naturally.

The first item on the list is a rewrite. The game is currently written in BlitzMax, a wonderful language for rapid game development (GPD?) or prototyping, but for bigger projects like SoS, it's become nightmarish. I feel similarly about Skirmish, but no way I'm going to rewrite the hundreds of hours I've poured into that, hehe. ;)


I will never write another game with Delphi. This I do solumnly swear. RAD languages like Delphi (or VB) are just not meant for bigger-scale projects that games often achieve. Keeping Skirmish's code looking/running reasonably is a chore at this level. But like I said above, there's no way I'm rewriting it this far down the line. It'll hold, but lots of duct tape and superglue will be needed for its completion. [smile]

Have a good night, humanoids. Sleep tight, and don't let the gnomish assassins bite. Err, stab. o.O
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It is getting dark. You are likely to be eaten by a gnomish assassin.

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I often find new and better ways to do things, and end up just starting over on projects (if the new way is a drastic change). That is what happened to Azrial, and now it is a completely different game. Sorry to hear that Delphi is giving you problems (never used it). In retrospect, taking the big steps to completely redesign and rewrite was definitely the right thing to do in my case. S.O. looks positively awesome, so I completely understand why you would want to stick with the current codebase. You've made a lot of great progress, and it'd be hard to start over.

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