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Today's AreBat update

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AreBat is pronounced ah-REE-bat, and stands for Arena Battle. :P

Well, today I chatted on IRC way too much. I did take out a useless string (and its functions) in the cArena class, though, as well as change the way I utilize my modes in the actual program. I'm making sure my store class works the way I want it to by using it to implement a store into the arena program. If I can't do it, or have an insanely difficult time doing it (stupidity doesn't count), I'll incorporate functionality for whatever was annoying into the class itself.

Hopefully tonight I can green out one of the to-do list items, and notch the title from orange to yellow. [grin]

EDIT: Ok, sadly I will not be able to say that my store is done. I'm having troubles... runtime troubles... with my tests. Le sigh. Gotta prove that it works and can be done before I can green it. [sad]
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EDIT: Woah, by GDnet time it's May 2nd already.

Yeah, but the calender stays in Local Time. It's been bugging me forever. :P

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It does? Heh, weird.

EDIT: I removed that line before you even commented because I had set my default time to Pacific. Funny how you were reading my journal at the exact time I was posting and/or setting my time. :P

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