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another break over

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while i don't intend to start writing code right away, i'm here again. it's good to see that there's quite a few people moving forward with their projects, you guys are inspiring. if only we could all find multiple motivation triggers and use them ^_^

so i've got a stack of books here, the top three being: windows forms programming in c#, programming c#, and managed directx 9. i have the information i need to get me started in the direction i want to go. what i need now is to learn how to make plans for this stuff.

i went through all of the games i own for ps2, gamecube, pc, and gameboy and ranked them on a 5 star system. it turns out that zelda and metroid are my only 5 star games. more on metroid later.
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well, back when i first bought the game, i was pretty excited about it. i'd probably have given it four stars. long after, though, i put more thought into it - the game is essentially a very crippled fps. while its an awfully pretty game, the gameplay consisted of doing alot of backtracking and blind searching. they took out alot of the features i liked, and replaced them with special effects. metroid zero mission is, so far, the pinnacle of the series IMO.

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