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so here i am again, on the middle of another 2-day work break, sitting on my thumbs. so i've got a bunch of time on my hands, and i want to use it to work towards something.. but the game ideas i've had so far are pretty crappy. take game X and give it a makeover; take game A and game B and put them together. not terribly inspiring, and as time has proven, completely ineffective in maintaining motivation.

is motivation the only factor in my failures? definitely not. i lack proper design methods, and don't know how to go about attaining them. i can go about listing feature after feature of games that i really like, and even rant about how noone's made a game combining them all. that isn't moving me forward. i don't consider the lack of knowledge in my language of choice / api of choice / etc to be a limiting factor - convention is easily reproduced when one has the proper facilities. but how do you go about learning design?

i've read this and that about it, but i haven't really learned anything new. i've been trying to keep at "you need to know what you want to experience" and its hard to stay focused on that. its so easy to back out of the whole thing and ask "so why do i play video games" and then get completely lost from there. examining that question itself produces more problems: sharing experiences through video games requires socialization, and i'm trying to escape that more and more every day.

so it looks as though the philosophy i live my life by is really the culprit here, but it works and i don't see it changing anytime soon. perhaps i should look at components of games, its not nearly as demanding.. my final products are never worth the effort, and its the peices i'm really interested in. i'll have to think more on this.
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Hey SG. Welcome back! We missed ya. [smile]

Getting 'good' at game design is definitely not an easy thing to do. What I found works for me is by focusing on making a lot of smaller projects that require some level of design, rather than trying to take on the big motherload project that would require a lot of design experience. Even an Asteroids clone with some neat quirks can boost up your game design experience and confidence, so perhaps a handful of smallish projects may be in order. ;)

Irregardless of your choice, I wish you good luck. And I really hope you decide to bring your Diablo-Zelda-Roguelike to fruitation. I still have my eye set on playing that one day!

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