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Trains, Phones, and Magic Numbers.

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I saw a commercial the other day for a locomotive. For some odd reason, GE was advertising their new Evolution series diesel hybrid locomotive on television.

Now, me, being the train buff that I am, decided to try to find out everything I could about this magnificent new locomotive. It turns out it's one of the first diesel locomotives that support regenerative breaking, which is somewhat surprising, because I always just assumed that train engines supported this for a long time.

From what I can find out, the average amount of energy lost per train each year while breaking is equivalent to 160 households per year, which is kind of scary. So I'm really glad that they've made this new engine.

I called up GE and navigated their departments for about 20 minutes before I got to the transportation technologies department. I started asking for information about the Evolution, and the guy asked me if this was for a science class, because he could mail me an information packet to my school.

I told him that I wasn't in a science class, but I was interested in purchasing an Evolution locomotive, since there's a train track 100 feet from my apartment, and I'd love to just drive it around. He started laughing and then said that he couldn't help me.

He wouldn't even give me the price, which I am unable to find ANYWHERE on the internet, which leads me to believe that locomotives are one of those things that apply to the old addage, "If you have to ask the price, then you can't afford it."


What's with the ever-growing popularity of super-thin phones? Everywhere I go I see ads for the "ULTRA THIN RAZR" (yeah we're too cool to use 'o') and "ZOMG THIS IS EVEN THINNER THAN THE RAZR!!".

Don't the damned things break easier if you sit on them?

Anyway, I predict that this thinning trend will continue, and cell phones will be the first technology to ever attain true 2-dimensionality.

And finally, this months magic number is, unfortunately, 407.
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Went to the Apple store and saw a buncha new iPods. I felt the same way about how obnoxiously thin they were. I wouldn't wanna keep one in my pocket for fear that it'd get crunched from day-to-day living.

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I have a RAZR V3, it's pretty robust - a lot more so than you'd think. I had a nightmare trying to open the damn thing to get my SIM card in. In the end I prised the back open with a knife, which probably wasn't the best idea...

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