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Art of Computer Programming

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I just got a copy of this three book set because I realized that not only would what I learn help me with my love of little projects like the XGameStation, but would make me better at coming up with quick algorithms and just make my code better. I have been slogging slowly through the difficult math, as I'm only 16, and haven't had calculus, or anything beyond algebra II. Giant sigmas are scary.

I have a lot of time to learn this stuff though, because I'm homeschooled and can have as much time to learn math as I want. My dad works in academia, so he's really cool about getting me books that I want. The next comp. sci. related book I'm going to get is code complete, because one of my biggest demotivators is having little clue how to design my game projects. After that, I'll probably wait until the newest revision of the Dragon Book comes out and buy that.

Totally unrelated, but I'm going to be moving to Alabama soon, to a college town called Montevallo, which is about 20 minutes from Birmingham. My dad is going to be president of the University of Montevallo, which is really cool. I'll be living on campus in the prez house, which is great because even though they're a Liberal Arts school, they have lots of Computer Science courses. Also, I'll probably try to take some drawing and some music composition classes, since those are other interests of mine.

Even more unrelated is that I just bought this
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