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Polygon Intersection test

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I'm always fooling around with new game idea's ; i made some 'sketches' as I call them.. (unfinished) games which did not pass my 'Is that really, really fun to play? ' test..

So I played with new art work for a 2D game, but one thing annoyed me that I disliked the 'grid 'tile maps that usually come with your 2d game. So I spent a few cold spring days designing a very flexible tile engine, not limited to a grid and very smooth indeed.

But, how to unleash collision detection on a complex tile engine that is not limited to a basic quad-like structure? I figured, bitmasking is old fashioned and doesn't fit my needs. So I looked into Polygon intersection tests. They might come in handy, because they serve very small sprites , as well as huge scenery elements. (remember in a good shooter the enemies must be able to 'slide' along the scenery as well.

Well -- i might post some Art Work here, of sprites and enemies. I think they look interesting.

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