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As you can tell from the lack of Gamedev-related posts, I haven't been getting much work done. This is primarily due to the fact that I'm "working" on the map loading code, which is essentially a parser using boost::tokenizer. And though its pretty simple to do, I hate writing parsers.

Diverging from that, I also have finals this week, for which I have dire need of study. Math is on thursday and Chem is on saturday. Early next week will be taken up by preparing and writing a paper, ending with a Physics exam on Thursday, after which I'll be returning home.

Another distractor has been, omg, Maplestory. Again.

Pouya and I have been buying up a ton of scrolls (which have a 10% success rate) for him to make some really good armor when he reaches level 70 this week. For all you statistics buffs out there, this armor in particular has 10 scroll slots, which are consumed when a scroll is used (regardless of success/failure). There are 3 types of scrolls - 100% (which have a bonus of +1 stat), 60% (which have a bonus of +2 main stat, and +1 crap stat), and 10% (+5 main, +3 crap, +1 crap).

Now, if you weigh those out you'll probably find that 60% has the highest overall yield if you just slam 10 scrolls on each armor. However, if you do it carefully (ie, chuck any armors that you failed the first few scrolls on) you can get some pretty nice results.

That said, 10% is a pretty low success rate, so we need quite a few scrolls and quite a bit of armor to produce some good results. The buying of large quantities of scrolls is, in itself, a pretty time consuming process -

Now, here's the funny thing. I'm buying these scrolls at around 310,000g each. We'll probably need around 30-40 of them, which is just within the budget (around 12-15 million). Now, I can easily resell these scrolls for around 380,000-400,000g in-game, netting almost 30% profit, because right now they're HOT.

But yeah, I don't have nearly the time required to go around doing that. Very tempting, nonetheless.

And that's why I haven't been getting any gamedev-related work done.

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Do yourself a favour and get Oblivion. You won't be surrounded by 13 year olds.

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Yeah, I might end up getting Oblivion eventually. I have a feeling if I buy that game I'll get really sucked into it, as opposed to just enjoying an hour or two a day on Maple, then getting bored and working on something.

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