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About 3 days ago I read some of aidan_walsh's journal and happened upon his link to a webcomics thread. And I've been reading webcomics ever since. I can't seem to help myself =/ I read zapinspace, the Perry Bible Fellowship, Sinfest, lowroad, and goblins. Every last page. I'm almost finished with Questionable Content. Somehow though, I actually managed to get some work done. I've almost finished laying out the base code for the audio system, but since I've been slacking I haven't gotten much of it done. But, after QC, I'm spending all night, all of tomorrow, some of thursday and friday (I have to work these days), and then all of saturday and sunday working on the audio system so that I can hopefully have it done by sunday. I'm not going to work on anything else, so wish me luck.
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I wasted a good 3 hours on Ctrl+Alt+Del when I saw your journal entry. [sad]

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Oh God no don't do this to me again... I was only just starting to feel productive again [grin]

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lol... anyway. I'm finally getting some work done on the audio system. Some things I need to talk to Raymond about though. I have absolutely no idea how to code this thing. I've given it a go (not the whole thing, just a small pseudo class.) I'm planning on having it done by sunday.

Raymond found a bug in the sheet editor today and I have no clue how to fix it =/. It seems that there is some rounding going on or something, but I can't figure out why (the frames jitter left and right.) Raymond's looking into it since he has the graphics and stuff, but I'm doing some investigating myself.

Also, note to self: Staying up all night doesn't really do you any good if you're reading webcomics.

I finished Questionable Content about a half an hour ago, and it was damn good. Is it just me, or do all webcomics always stop at the good points? All of the ones I've read over the past few days have done that. I spend a few hours reading 600 episodes strips and something goods about to happen and I'm all caught up or it was the last update which happened 6 months ago.

I agree with the guy who did the Zap in Space comics though, webcomics are steroids for artists. Look at issue 1 of QC and then issue 612 of QC and you'll see. I've actually been contemplating doing my own short webcomic to hone my skills. But, as we all know, I'd make it too complicated and end up spending 6 years learning the skills to make it, when that was my original goal. Oh well...

Anyway, I'm totally juiced on caffeine so I'm going to spend some time working on the audio system and then move over to dft. I'd spend all the time on S3's audio, but I don't want to code myself into a corner and this VS2005 shit is pissing me off (my compiler settings are off or something, because it recompiles everything every time I press F7 and that takes quite a while. And no, PCHs are not the answer because 2K3 didn't use them and it doesn't recompile everything.)

Edit: Also, I'm getting my new domains this weekend/monday. Thats right, I said domainZAH, as in more than one. Or maybe just the one, I'm still thinking lol. previous statement. SHORTENED TO: Expect a rant later.

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